Men Become Boys Again.

What do you get when you combine a 2 time World Champion team roper, a great host family, delicious BBQ, Monsoon rains, and a handful of aspiring team ropers? You get a bunch of grown men acting like kids on Christmas morning. Each and every one of their faces light up when then man from Stephenville Texas, Walt Woodard speaks to them. Walt has a great sense of humour that really helps to lower the guard of these cowboys so he can “Teach young dogs some old tricks.”

I got the pleasure of spending 2 days with these hard-working cowboys, and cowgirls as they made their journey back to school. Imagine if all schooling was done on a horse in an arena, we’d have a province full of scholars. They gave their undivided attention and truly listened to what he was telling them, wish I could get my kids to learn like that!
Slade and Cami Bowers were amazing hosts; putting out big spreads at meal time, shelter from the torrential rains, and being so well-organized. There wasn’t any wasted time and everything seemed to run smooth, thanks again guys.

There were ropers of all ages, skill level and gender out participating in this two-day school. It was great to see them all laughing and learning together.

If you are looking to buy prints or digital images from the school or the Jackpot please follow the link on the side. If they aren’t up yet please be patient  . Rodeo weekends tend to turn into rodeo weeks. I’ve been away for a while but hope to get these up soon for you to browse through.

Jaimie Moon
Moonlit Photography


Newest Newborn

A three-week old baby can be a very challenging subject to photograph.  They may well still be developing but they definitely have a mind of their own.  You want them awake, they want to sleep. You want belly time pictures, they want to sprawl out on their backs.  The list goes on.  You need to have patience to work with these miracles of life.  You need to be quick with the camera and gentle with the touch. Most of all you need to have a sense of humor.

This was a special newborn session, a proud big brother and dressed up cousin would be joining in on the photo fun.  Three kids, a handful of aunties and an uncle, and a few snacks as bribes resulted in some very relaxed natural family photos.

This is a great family; they were relaxed in front of the camera, interested in the baby share such a great sense of style that I had many editing options, which is always nice.

I  have a very relaxed approach to newborn portraits; I go to the new mothers house so no one has to pack up but me, I set up my very small studio and sit back and let natural photo happen.  If you see me lurking the hospital waiting rooms, im just eager for more baby pictures, do not be alarmed 😉

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Boudoir Photography

The craze that is sweeping North America, Boudoir Photography is intimate pictures of a woman, meant to be used as a gift for their loved one or to preserve a memory of their body forever.

Soft, natural lighting, flattering angles, fancy undies and some great heals are the recipe for breath-taking photos of a woman at her most venerable state. Every session seems to start the same way; the subject nervously standing before my camera, tugging on the straps of her expensive lingerie awkwardly placing her hands across her body.  After a few clicks of the shutter I show them the photos taken so far and watch as they fall in love with themselves. It’s in the eyes; the passion, the softness, the look usually only seen by the one they love. 

 The moment they see themselves on the tiny 2.5″ x 3″ LCD on the back of my camera it is an entirely different session.  The inner diva is released. There are women sprawling across the bed, looking back over their shoulder. They are suggesting poses, changing outfits and really enjoying themselves.  All insecurities melt away and they see themselves in a new light, and why shouldnt they? Who cares if you have stretch marks and cellulite? It is your body and it’s time to be proud of it. 

So when you are ready to embrace your beauty, book a session for some boudoir photos.  You will be nervous at first, but you will leave feeling like a million bucks, and rightly so.  Everyone has that “special feature”, the one thing that sets them apart from everyone else.  Exploit it, embrace it and show it off! 

The Story Behind the Pictures

I got into photography on a whim.  I had always driven past old buildings, small creeks, and long forgotten paths of the past and thought about what great pictures they would make.  I had never even considered the fact that it could be me that takes those great pictures I had seen in my head.

The first picture I ever took.

This is the picture that started it all for me.  It sparked something inside of me.  I was able to expose the love of the moment in a picture.  More importantly, I was able to sit back and take pictures of the work being done, without having to lend a hand!

This is a trend that has continued.  Danny and the kids do the chores, while I wonder off taking pictures, sometimes of them working, but most times its pictures of something that has caught my eye.  That was the case with this shot of a roll of barbed wire.  I forget what the task at hand was, but I clearly remember not being involved in it.


It’s on these work avoiding, day-dream induced adventures I find the most interesting things.  Like this old manure wagon, behind a fast rotting building, with an old gas stove off to the side.


So to those of you who know me, even those who haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet me, you will likely see me out with my family avoiding work.  I am hoping to turn my aversion to real work into my business. Fingers crossed.

– Jaimie Moon