The Story Behind the Pictures

I got into photography on a whim.  I had always driven past old buildings, small creeks, and long forgotten paths of the past and thought about what great pictures they would make.  I had never even considered the fact that it could be me that takes those great pictures I had seen in my head.

The first picture I ever took.

This is the picture that started it all for me.  It sparked something inside of me.  I was able to expose the love of the moment in a picture.  More importantly, I was able to sit back and take pictures of the work being done, without having to lend a hand!

This is a trend that has continued.  Danny and the kids do the chores, while I wonder off taking pictures, sometimes of them working, but most times its pictures of something that has caught my eye.  That was the case with this shot of a roll of barbed wire.  I forget what the task at hand was, but I clearly remember not being involved in it.


It’s on these work avoiding, day-dream induced adventures I find the most interesting things.  Like this old manure wagon, behind a fast rotting building, with an old gas stove off to the side.


So to those of you who know me, even those who haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet me, you will likely see me out with my family avoiding work.  I am hoping to turn my aversion to real work into my business. Fingers crossed.

– Jaimie Moon